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Notable Successes

P.N. is a 53 year old, Vietnamese male, with a psychiatric history of Schizophrenia, Paranoid Type (295.30).  Prior to becoming part of first the AB2034 program and later the Choices program PN was sleeping in his car for many years.  Due to client’s symptoms of irritable mood, paranoid ideations, poor social and communication skills, poor concentration and social withdrawal he was unable to maintain his employment.  PN had been linked to numerous mental health agencies for treatment in the past but was unsuccessful in following through with treatment.  Since enrolling in Choices, PN has been successfully housed through program subsidies.  Though resistant to move out of his car at first, he now states “I can’t believe that I have my own place to live.” 

In addition, PN was unable to apply for any cash benefit such as General Relief or SSI because he did not have any legal documentation to prove his citizenship status.  PN had tried for many years to obtain his Certificate of Naturalization but was unable to follow through due to his mental health symptoms.  With the intense case management services provided by his PSC, PN was able to follow up with requirements and recently received his Certificate of Naturalization.  PN with the assistance of his PSC recently applied for General Relief and was approved.  Now that PN has income he is able to apply for independent housing such as Shelter Plus Care and/or Section 8.  PN has voiced the desire to seek employment to increase his income, continue to work on his recovery goals and looks forward to having his own apartment some day.  

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